North Danville Historical Room Open on the 4th of July

The room is open again for displays. Have you any ideas about what should be displayed?

After two years hiatus, the North Danville Historical Room has been reopened in the North Danville School. For the past two years, it housed the Victorian Room Exhibit, a very nice display that showed the decorating themes of the Victorian era.

But it was time once again to open it to the public and the annual 4th of July celebration afforded the perfect opportunity. Historical Society members worked with the North Danville School Association to dismantle and pack away material for use in future displays.

School photographs carefully kept and labeled by Eleanor Belding, long time teacher in

Some of Eleanor Beldings labeled school photos. We are asking for people to come forward with their school photos to be scanned and placed in the room.

North Danville, were scanned and displayed for the public. Several corrections and additions were made to the labels by those who knew firsthand the children in the photos.

The Society is looking for (and has received five) more school photos from the time when North Danville School was operating as part of the Danville school system. We will scan photos and return them to you, placing the scanned copies in the room.

At this time, no regular hours are planned for the room, but that is a possibility if volunteers should come forward. If you are interested in volunteering in the North Danville room or have ideas for future displays and times, please contact the Danville Historical Society at 802 684 2055 during our open hours–noon to 7:00 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays.





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