Boy Scouts add muscle power to put new trail at Greenbank’s Hollow

Troop 888, and their scout masters, helped build the new trail at Greenbank’s Hollow on July 10. Here the group loads woodchips wheelbarrows to be taken down the new path.

Boy Scouts and their leaders helped project leaders David Houston and Hollis Prior to complete another long term project at the Greenbank’s Hollow Historic Park. The work was hard, but all the planning and material were ready and the muscle power present to build a trail. In some places the trail is quite steep, and a series of steps had to be built. There is also a wet area on the path that required planking.

All is ready and hikers are welcome. Hollis recommends that those who would rather go

The trail is steep in some areas and needed stairs built.

downhill than up, should choose to begin the new trail at the kiosk. Otherwise, a hiker can start near the river and go upwards. Be prepared, however, for the steepness. Signs are located at both ends of the trail to help hikers locate the trailhead.

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