Elders share stories with Danville School

Catherine Beattie, Meg Powden (co-principal), Alice Hafner, Paul Chouinard, Lorna Quimby, Caroline DeMaio (librarian) and Lois White.

A panel consisting of Catherine Beattie, Alice Hafner, Lorna Quimby and Lois White joined Paul Chouinard, President of the Danville Historical Society, in sharing personal stories after the movie Life in Caledonia County was shown to the high school. Life in Vermont has changed a great deal in their lifetime.

The activity was part of Danville School’s Literacy Week, led by librarian, Caroline DeMaio. In the morning, the middle school watched the movie; they were a delightful audience. The afternoon showing was graced by the panel.

Life in Caledonia is a 43-minute documentary that is part of project of Senator William Doyle’s of Johnson State. He and his history class plans to cover all the counties in Vermont. The panel’s knowledge and humor and added much life to the movie. The historical society is planning another showing this summer.

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