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Improvement plans for the Greenbank’s Hollow Historic Town Park

Hollis under tall hazard tree

Hollis Prior stands beneath one of the hazard trees that needs to be removed in Greenbank's Hollow.

By David Houston and Hollis Prior

Many have visited and admired the beautiful historic site near the covered bridge in Greenbank’s Hollow. The parcels that comprise the park were gathered over the years by historian David Warden, who, in 2004, gave the property to the Danville Historical Society. The Society, in turn, deeded the land to the Town of Danville, with the provision that the Society continue to develop and maintain the site for use by town residents and others. Last year, an adjoining four-acre parcel was donated to the Town by Cecil Lyon. This addition to the Park greatly enhances its natural attributes and complements its historical educational values.

Foundations have been cleared, open fields have been reclaimed, historic sites have been marked, a connecting trail has been developed, flowering shrubs and plants have been planted, and picnic benches and tables installed. Mowing, trimming, and brush disposal has been done on a routine basis.

All of this has been accomplished at no cost to Danville taxpayers. Even the survey of the Lyon’s gift and the deeds transferring the land were provided at no cost by wonderful people. However, there are now needs that cannot be fulfilled by volunteers—needs that will cost money. The total estimated costs, broken down into each area of need, can be found on the project map link below. Estimates reflect what we believe are above and beyond what can be expected by volunteers. We gratefully acknowledge the Danville Chamber of Commerce for starting the project off with a $1,000 donation.

PDF map of projects slated for summer 2011

For a link to photos of the safety issues at Greenbank’s click here.



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