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Improve­ment plans for the Greenbank’s Hol­low His­toric Town Park

Hollis under tall hazard tree

Hol­lis Prior stands beneath one of the haz­ard trees that needs to be removed in Greenbank’s Hollow.

By David Hous­ton and Hol­lis Prior

Many have vis­ited and admired the beau­ti­ful his­toric site near the cov­ered bridge in Greenbank’s Hol­low. The parcels that com­prise the park were gath­ered over the years by his­to­rian David War­den, who, in 2004, gave the prop­erty to the Danville His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety. The Soci­ety, in turn, deeded the land to the Town of Danville, with the pro­vi­sion that the Soci­ety con­tinue to develop and main­tain the site for use by town res­i­dents and oth­ers. Last year, an adjoin­ing four-acre par­cel was donated to the Town by Cecil Lyon. This addi­tion to the Park greatly enhances its nat­ural attrib­utes and com­ple­ments its his­tor­i­cal edu­ca­tional values.

Foun­da­tions have been cleared, open fields have been reclaimed, his­toric sites have been marked, a con­nect­ing trail has been devel­oped, flow­er­ing shrubs and plants have been planted, and pic­nic benches and tables installed. Mow­ing, trim­ming, and brush dis­posal has been done on a rou­tine basis.

All of this has been accom­plished at no cost to Danville tax­pay­ers. Even the sur­vey of the Lyon’s gift and the deeds trans­fer­ring the land were pro­vided at no cost by won­der­ful peo­ple. How­ever, there are now needs that can­not be ful­filled by volunteers—needs that will cost money. The total esti­mated costs, bro­ken down into each area of need, can be found on the project map link below. Esti­mates reflect what we believe are above and beyond what can be expected by vol­un­teers. We grate­fully acknowl­edge the Danville Cham­ber of Com­merce for start­ing the project off with a $1,000 donation.

PDF map of projects slated for sum­mer 2011

For a link to pho­tos of the safety issues at Greenbank’s click here.



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