Vision/Mission statement


The Danville Historical Society is a non-profit educational institution whose mission is to promote an understanding of the history of Danville, Vermont by collecting, preserving, exhibiting and interpreting that history and its relationship to the region, and nation beyond, to audiences of all ages and interests.


The Choate-Sias House and attendant historical sites (the Old North Church of North Danville, the Danville Historical Society Room at the North Danville School, the South Danville Historic Park, and the Danville Railroad Station in Danville Green) of the Danville Historical Society will be a vibrant places where people may encounter, explore and learn about the past. With diverse audiences and Danville’s unique heritage at its core, the Danville Historical Society is an educational leader in the history community of Vermont.

In pursuit of this mission, the Danville Historical Society will:

  • Identify, collect and exhibit significant historical materials related to Danville and the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.
  • Provide leadership in the responsible preservation of, and public access to these historical materials.
  • Encourage excellence in research, documentation, and interpretation of historical materials.
  • Present exhibitions that use historical materials to enrich the public’s understanding and appreciation for the history of Danville, Vermont, and the Northeast Kingdom.
  • Foster an appreciation of the importance of historical materials to enrich public understanding of the past and present.
  • Serve diverse audiences through a variety of learning formats.
  • Promote pride in both individual and community heritage.
  • Respond to the community’s needs to explore and examine issues critical to its past and application to contemporary life.
  • Provide support to historic preservation initiatives in the Northeast Kingdom.
  • Identify historic homes, buildings and other structures or sites assisting in research to encourage their preservation.
  • Serve as the collective historical memory of Danville, Vermont.
  • Accept donations of money, real property and or other property as appropriate to accomplishing its vision.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationships and alliances with educational institutions, the business community, government and other community organizations.



2 Responses to Vision/Mission statement

  1. Clint Smith says:

    My wife found an old astronomy book (published in 1836) at a used book store. The following is written inside the front cover: “Harriet S. Choate, Philips Academy, Danville”. I did an Internet search of the name and found a photo of a headstone in the Danville Cemetery which bears the name of Harriet S. Choate and which says she was born in 1836 and died in 1920. I couldn’t find anything about Philips (with one “l”) Academy.

    Can you tell me anything about her or the school? Is she connected somehow to The Choate-Sias House?

    • sharon lakey says:

      Hi Clint. Phillips Academy was the first educational institution in Danville, a private academy that opened in 1847. It operated until 1938 when this gorgeous building was demolished. Phillips Academy served mostly Danville students as well as surrounding nearby towns. Choate was an early name in Danville, but I don’t know where Harriet fits on that tree–probably she was related in some way to the family of the Choate-Sias House. Choate was the male in that designation, a carpenter in Danville.

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