The Choate-Sias house, photo courtesy of Janet Carson

The charming  red cape, now known as the Choate-Sias house, sits next to the statuesque Danville Congregational Church on Hill Street.  The beautiful house is the result of a generous gift from an anonymous donor offered in 2006.

The donor’s offer and ensuing effort fell under the leadership of Mary Prior, former President and Director of the Danville Historical Society. She teamed with Paul Chouinard, a local historian and architectural perfectionist, to find a house that would make a fitting place to house archives and artifacts as well as provide meeting space for the Danville Historical Society.

By luck or grace, the little cape by the Congregational Church became available. It is near the center of the village and has historical integrity. A  prototypical Cape Cod style home, it mirrors the austere simplicity of early nineteenth century, rural Vermont homes. The lineage of the people connected with the house were among the long-standing families of Danville: Sias, Choate (the builder, a cabinet-maker), Currier, Cahoon, Peck and Gadapee. The deed research established its construction in 1838.

The two-year renovation included a great room addition that makes an attractive meeting space. Appropriate attention was given to all details as well as compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act. Historical House had its grand opening in May of 2009. It is the headquarters of the Danville Historical Society and is open to the public two days a week. Hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays from noon to 7:00 pm, evenings by appointment. To view a video walk-through of the house, conducted by Paul Chouinard, click here.

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  1. Gary L. Rhodes says:

    Does anyone have more info on the Sias Family of this Building and or Danville, perhaps Nathanial and or Benjamin? Thank you.

  2. Gary L. Rhodes says:

    Looking for info on the Sias Family of this Building and or Danville, perhaps Nathanial and or Benjamin? Thank you.

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