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tea party

An Old Time Tea Party: Oct. 1952 Louisa Paulsen, first pres­i­dent of the Danville His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety, Betty Morse, Mar­garet Ide, (seated) Agnes Hoxie

Danville Geneal­o­gists
This web­site is of par­tic­u­lar inter­est for Danville research

The Danville Ver­mont Home Page
Check out the links sec­tion on this page as many local web­sites are listed

North­east King­dom Geneal­o­gists of Vermont

Upper Con­necti­cut River Val­ley

The Ver­mont His­tor­i­cal Society

Ten­nie Tou­s­saint photo col­lec­tion
The Bailey/Howe UVM library houses the Ten­nie Tou­s­saint North Danville photo collection

The 1st Ver­mont Cav­alry
A photo col­lec­tion of the 1st Ver­mont Cav­alry in the Civil War, includ­ing a photo of Addi­son Preston

Ver­mont in the Civil War
A web­site that focuses on Ver­mont in the Civil War and includes activ­i­ties through­out the state in the obser­vance of the sesquicentennial.

The Danville Ver­mont Cham­ber of Commerce

The North Star Monthly, Danville’s newspaper

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  1. Austin says:

    Hey I located your page by mis­take when i was search­ing Yahoo for this con­cern, I have to tell you your site is really valu­able I also like the style, it is great!

  2. Randall J. Mason says:

    Do you have any info on William Barton’s jail­ing there for owing money?
    Do you know what house or build­ing he was held in, and what the bounds of his free­dom were there? A map would be appreciated.

  3. Charles Gross says:


    I am look­ing for infor­ma­tion on my great uncle Sen­a­tor George Morse from Danville and his fam­ily and ances­tors. He and a num­ber of my rel­a­tives are bur­ried in the Danville Green cemetary. My grand­mother Let­tie Morse was born in Danville and moved to Waltham Mass and mar­ried my grand­fa­ther Geroge I.L. Keyes.
    Any infor­ma­tion would by greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Charles Gross

    • sharon lakey says:

      Just a quick look through our records give men­tion of Sen­a­tor Morse. We have some pho­tos of him and of his lovely home. There is a photo, I believe, of him (his house) in an issue of Ver­mont Life. I think if you had a more spe­cific request, it would be helpful.

  4. Dee says:

    I found a web­site that had con­tained obit­u­ar­ies from the Danville Star. They did not have any images. The Obit­u­ary was printed in your news­pa­per on July 17th, 1827 — Cap­tain Robert Perkins, who died on June 20th, 1827 leav­ing a wife and 11 chil­dren. Do you know how I could view this obituary ?

    • sharon lakey says:

      Hi Dee,
      Sorry I am so late in reply­ing to your request. Unfor­tu­nately, the old North Star has not been dig­i­tized as some papers have. We have had a micro­film dig­i­tized but the qual­ity of the film did not make it pos­si­ble to make them search­able files. How­ever, I have had some luck on Geneal­ogy Bank in actual view­ing of the newsprint. Check out that pro­gram to see if you can get a sam­ple look. Prob­a­bly could take a screen­shot of it?

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