You’re invited to a mini-bioblitz

This Saturday, June 11—and the weather looks promising!

Leader: Dave Houston

Dave Houston speaking to a group at Greenbank's Hollow.

Dave Houston speaking to a group at Greenbank’s Hollow.

On Saturday, June 11, 2016, all interested naturalists are invited to the Historic Park to gather by the covered bridge in Greenbank’s Hollow and then venture out into nearby forests, fields, wetlands, ponds and streams to discover and document the plants, birds, mammals, insects, spiders, herbs, and other life forms that exist in these ecosites.

About 16 folks have indicated that they plan to be there—that’s great, but of course, more would be welcome. If you know of anyone with special interests in fungi, mosses, liverworts, bryophytes, or lichens give them a call and invite them along. We have some good botanists coming, and some experts in butterflies and dragonflies, but other plant and insect lovers would be welcome also, as there are lots of interesting sites to check out. You generalists may have an opportunity to team up with someone if you wish.

mini bio blitz greenbank's hollow june 11 29016

A map of the four quadrants that will be part of the bioblitz. The center is the covered bridge.

I’ve worked up some maps outlining the geographic area of interest and some data sheets to help record your finds. If you can bring pencils, clipboards (I have a few), bugdope, raingear, lunch and water that would be good. Photos can often be very helpful in identifying or documenting what you find out there.


WHERE: Gather on the south side of Joes Brook near the covered bridge. Parking is along Brook Road, in the few designated parking spaces, and on the grassy area. Look for the small pop-up tent there with table for check in, and to pick up maps, data sheets, directions, etc.

WHEN: I will be there by 7:30 am. You can come whenever you can get there. Some of you may want to spend all day, some of you might not be able to—and that’s OK, for whatever you discover and document will add to our database.

DURING: I suggest that those not too far away, or not too engrossed in what that are finding, check back in at noon for a lunch break, discussion of the morning’s venture, and perhaps select a different venue for the afternoon.

AFTER: As I mentioned in my earlier memo, for those of you still around at the end of the day, there will be a wrap-up at my house (within the zone of interest!). Timing will depend on how things work out, but in any case, there will be beer, wine, snacks, etc., and the grill can go on for those who wish to bring something more substantial.

If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. please let me know. I hope to see you all for a fun day at the


Directions: From the Danville Green, take the Peacham road south to Harvey’s Hollow (2 miles), turn left onto Brook Rd and go to its end—by the covered bridge,

-or- from the Green, take Brainerd Street south, and where it swings left, go straight onto Greenbank’s Hollow Rd- continue to the Hollow and the bridge.

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