North Danville School

North Danville 4th of July

North Danville 4th of July parade. Photo by George Cahoon

The North Danville School is the second school of village of North Danville. The first, a large two-story structure, educating elementary through high school students, was replaced by the present structure in 1930. Later, a fire in the upper portion of the old school caused serious damage, but the building was saved by local volunteer firefighters. What remained of the old school was later demolished.

The present building was used as a grammar school through 1989 before the last remaining grades were moved to Danville School in Danville Green. In 1990, the Town agreed to keep the school as a community center for the village. One of the most loved events in our town is centered at the school when North Danville hosts the 4th of July celebration. The event fills the community with crowds that enjoy a parade, games, and lots of good food and conversation.

The building’s four main rooms are used by three organizations: the North Danville Brainerd Library (two rooms), the Danville Historical Society, and the North Danville Community Club. The North Danville School Association encourages the use of the facility by non-profit, local organizations and community groups within the Town of Danville. Non-profit Danville community groups may use the building free of charge, subject to scheduling. Other groups and individuals may use the facility if the use is consistent with the mission of the Association, subject to scheduling.

The new North Danville School, presently used as a community center.

N. Danville side photo of the old school. Demolished in 1930. You also see the church horse sheds, which lasted into the mid 1900s. Picture from the Stanton-Coutu collection. For further information on North Danville history, see Gerard LaMothe's book One Village, Two Centuries, Several Families. Books are available from the author and can be seen at the Choate-Sias house on Hill Street in Danville.

5 Responses to North Danville School

  1. Leone (Roy) Rumbarger says:

    I started first grade in 1948 through 8th grade. Life was so simple and wonderful. My uncle ran the old store back then, and when necessary, my brother and I would walk the two miles to school in the freezing cold. I have the fondest memories of growing up in North Danville Vermont, my roots run deep.

  2. i went to the school 1-6th grade. very fond memories

  3. Rani S says:

    the picture is good, how you can take it?

  4. Katey says:

    Can anyone identify the location of this photo? My great-great grandparents (Willis and Flora Pierce, at left) lived on North Danville Road (according to census records) and across from the school (according to my mothers memories of visiting them when she was very young.) Would love to know if their house is still there.

    • Susan Langmaid Lynaugh says:

      Yes, the house is still there right across from the North Danville School and Baptist Church. I remember delivering a ball canning jar full of milk or Willis and Flora from the farm (Langmaid).

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