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IMG_1052Choate-Sias Head­quar­ters:

121 Hill St. (PO Box 274)
Danville, VT 05828
802 684 2055

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Old North Church

Con­tact: Molly  Newell, Co-Chairman of the Old North Church Committee
Phone: 802 748 9902
Co-Chair: Alan Langmaid
Sec­re­tary: Mary Swainbank
Trea­surer: Gail Devereaux
Advi­sor: Rev. Robert Sargent

Greenbank’s Hol­low

Project lead­ers:
David Hous­ton
Phone: 802 684 1122
Hol­lis Prior
Phone: 802 684 2276

Board of Direc­tors, Danville Ver­mont His­tor­i­cal Society

Pres­i­dent: Patri­cia Conly
Vice Pres­i­dent: William Moulton
Sec­re­tary: Robin Rothman
Trea­surer: Mil­dred LaBeur
Janet Car­son
Lynda Far­row
David Hous­ton
Molly Newell

5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Michael Evans says:

    The new web­site is great and I’m anx­ious to take a long look. Do you still have a link or a copy of the pic­ture of the his­tor­i­cal soci­ety build­ing available?

    Thanks so much,

    Michael J. Evans
    Warner, NH

  2. Ben Popadak says:

    Your posted arti­cle on “The story of the first auto­mo­bile in Danville.” The car shown in the photo in front of the black­smith shop is NOT a Ram­bler. It is prob­a­bly an early Stan­ley steamer. I can say it is not an early Ram­bler because I have 2 1902 engines and 2 1903 engines. Also in the arti­cle it is claimed that the Ram­bler was a 1903 and reg­is­tra­tion says it was a tour­ing (4 pas­sen­ger) and 16 horse­power. Tour­ing Ram­blers were newer than 1903 and the 1903 Ram­bler horse­power was 6 hp.

  3. sharon lakey says:

    The car itself could be any year to 1906. I com­pared ads and pho­tos of “Ram­bler” mod­els in 1903,04 and ’05 before com­ing up with the ’03 date. The rest of the infor­ma­tion is taken from the orig­i­nal reg­is­tra­tion. The first Stan­ley Steamer was in Burling­ton. No record exists of one closer. Thanks for the input. Your info is very help­ful! Do you have a picture?

    Mark Moore

  4. Ned Pettengill’s first car may have been a Ram­bler (Jef­fery), but the car in the photo is a Stan­ley, Model A or B, from 1902–1904. The engine is slung under the car, geared directly to the rear axle.

    See -

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