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IMG_1052Choate-Sias Headquarters:

121 Hill St. (PO Box 274)
Danville, VT 05828
802 684 2055

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Old North Church

President of the Old North Church Committee: Alan Langmaid, 802 748-3707
Secretary: Mary Swainbank, 802 748-6239
Wedding Coordinator: Judy Heath Parker, 802 748-8519
Advisor: Rev. Robert Sargent

Greenbank’s Hollow Project

Project leaders:
David Houston: 802 684 1122
Hollis Prior: 802 684 2276

North Danville School Historical Room

Project leaders:
Liz Sargent
Deborah Marrier

Board of Directors, Danville Vermont Historical Society

President: Patricia Conly
Vice President: Doug LaMothe
Secretary: Robin Rothman
Treasurer: Mildred LaBeur
Susan Lynaugh
Gary Farrow
Ida Rainville
Liz Sargent
David Houston
Deborah Marrier
Dorothy Larrabee

6 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Michael Evans says:

    The new website is great and I’m anxious to take a long look. Do you still have a link or a copy of the picture of the historical society building available?

    Thanks so much,

    Michael J. Evans
    Warner, NH

  2. Ben Popadak says:

    Your posted article on “The story of the first auto­mo­bile in Danville.” The car shown in the photo in front of the blacksmith shop is NOT a Rambler. It is probably an early Stanley steamer. I can say it is not an early Rambler because I have 2 1902 engines and 2 1903 engines. Also in the article it is claimed that the Rambler was a 1903 and registration says it was a touring (4 passenger) and 16 horsepower. Touring Ramblers were newer than 1903 and the 1903 Rambler horsepower was 6 hp.

  3. sharon lakey says:

    The car itself could be any year to 1906. I compared ads and photos of “Rambler” models in 1903,04 and ’05 before coming up with the ’03 date. The rest of the information is taken from the original registration. The first Stanley Steamer was in Burlington. No record exists of one closer. Thanks for the input. Your info is very helpful! Do you have a picture?

    Mark Moore

  4. Ned Pettengill’s first car may have been a Rambler (Jeffery), but the car in the photo is a Stanley, Model A or B, from 1902-1904. The engine is slung under the car, geared directly to the rear axle.

    See –

  5. Daniella Goodson says:

    Sorry wrong email

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